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Wow... I havenae posted here in absolute ages.  But I've roused my Grace/Karen muse and come with a response to the first challenge

Challenge #1: Light

Title:  So Lightly

Pairing: Grace/Karen

Rating: PG

Length: 121

Disclaimer:  Nope, neither Grace Adler nor Karen Walker belong to me.  Alas

Summary:  Grace never knows if Karen is serious or not: she wishes she was.


Light.  That was Karen Walker: all light and silly and airy, with her martini glass and her wads of cash and her breathy, high-pitched voice.  She’s never serious, and she never needs to be; that’s one of the things Grace loves about her. 


In can be infuriating though.  Like when Grace finally works up the nerve to approach her and say that surely she must have felt something in all those casual gropes and kisses that the two of them so easily partake in.  Karen’s voice is light as she answers, “Of course, honey,” and so are her lips when she lightly gives Grace a kiss.


And that’s why it’s infuriating: because Grace never knows if she means it or not.

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